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  • Connect with a diverse art audience globally
  • Interact with creative experts
  • Be a part of compelling discussions and create content in the process.

Our live and interactive webinars are based on a variety of topics around diverse art forms. A wide range of topics from art history and heritage across dance, music, films, theatres, stagecraft, costumes and stage presentations and dance teaching are covered in these webinars. Specially designed topics are curated and explored depending on the sessions organised on demand. All webinars last 1 to 2 hours and are recorded. They end with a question and answer session where you have the opportunity to discuss and add your valuable input.

Watch the film and book a discussion session. These Webinars are based on dance collaborations between diverse cultures and dance forms seen through the lens of the first indo-western dance partnership of Prima Ballerina Anna Pavlova and the father of modern Indian dance Uday Shankar. We will particularly focus on its contemporary relevance. The Webinar can be designed to focus on:

Exploring the theme of co-creation between Western and Asian dance (classical and/or contemporary) within a transnational framework and from a comparative perspective. The aim is to develop a sense of the scope and value in both genres and to demonstrate its limitations. Historicizing the emergence of the term collaboration within the period histories of romanticism, classicism, modernism, postmodernism and uses this periodization to explore contemporary productions of dance and training in Europe, UK and India and global diasporas.

Watch The Film “A Meeting of Cultures” & Book a Discussion Season

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