Abundant Art is a cross-arts platform celebrating intercultural creative practice among diverse communities.

About Abundant Art


Abundant Art focuses on performing arts delivered through our Artzine, workshops, performances, film making, and heritage programs.We continue to bring a thriving multi-faceted cultural and entertainment scene to our audience through our e-mag. We started Abundant Art as an online journal featuring previews, reviews, and interviews of various performances and presentations creating multicultural awareness of artistic collaboration and cultural heritage. The idea is also to create a dialogue between the artists and their audience through our social media channels. We also aim to rediscover and preserve artistic heritage, which is at risk, and reconnect people with lost and forgotten heritage. Through our projects, we encourage understanding heritage in a contemporary context and transforming it into a living experience to the younger generation. We strive to make artistic heritage accessible and relevant to people in the most suitable way. We have recently expanded to film and documentary making and believe that meaningful cinema will make a difference in people’s lives.

Why Abundant Art-Our story


In today’s world where people have little time to pause, reflect and connect meaningfully with others, art and culture are the catalysts in changing attitudes, amplifying connections. It can help us rediscover our roots, connect with local communities and reignite the desire to achieve. Connecting with art or doing something creative improves mental health and the feeling of well-being. Art inspires people to realize the beauty within and all around us. We aim to tap into that positive energy generated through art.

With this in mind, we created Abundant Art and Abundant Art gallery to allow bright young minds to access this transformative space and enrich their lives, even take up art and culture-based creative careers and drive social and community impact.


About Abundant Art Gallery


In 2018 Abundant Art branched out to fine arts and launched Abundant Art gallery – an online curated art gallery focusing on promoting contemporary art. We produce original artworks (paintings and sculptures) through art camps and promote them through our online gallery to collectors and art lovers. We also curate physical exhibitions.

Through our social media channels, we look at bringing fine artists from all styles to share their work and initiate discussions about the art world collectively. We aim to focus on artists from diverse communities, backgrounds, and demographics to create new opportunities. We identify, inspire and support them with the required resources to produce artworks. In our unique model we commission the artworks through art camps organised by Abundant Art. Proceeds from sales are shared with the artists after we cover our costs.

The gallery had started with Indian Art working across borders creating a link between Indian artists and an international audience. Our strategy was to focus on one areato begin with as a learning pad. As Indian art and artists is an area we have been connected to before the start of Abundant Art Gallery, we felt confident to start with that genre. Creating a track record as a gallery over the last two years has helped us attract interest from local artists to join our workforce. We now have a planned strategy to extend to the UK artist base, which we could not respond to at the beginning of the year due to the Covid outbreak. This has posed major setbacks to our sustainability as a gallery, as we have been forced to halt our new plans to expand our spectrum. 

 Meet The Team

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Protima Chatterjee (Founder & Creative Director)

Protima Chatterjee is the Founder and Creative Director of Abundant Art. She is a regular contributor and writes previews and reviews of the latest events in the London arts scene. Following her creative passion to make a lasting impact in the community, particularly amongst young people, Protima founded 'Abundant Art UK' in 2012 as a multi-arts Artzine featuring reviews, previews, and interviews. Following her ambition to make a lasting impact on arts heritage, she launched a new segment in Abundant Art focusing on heritage projects.

The first heritage project was launched in 2018 with funding awarded from the National Heritage Lottery. The project was completed in 2020 with its final product, the film ‘A Meeting of Cultures’ which has been nominated for the Chicago Indie Film awards and The London Lift- Off Film Festival 2020. 2018 also saw the birth of Abundant Art Gallery, a sister company focusing on fine arts, which promotes emerging young and established artists globally. Protima is a trained dancer and arts journalist. She continues her work as a performer, choreographer, and dance teacher. She has a degree in English literature and is a post-graduate in Mass Communications and Journalism. Protima evolved into an art entrepreneur directing Abundant Art and the multi-faceted arts projects that the company conceptualises and delivers. She has further developed her career to branch out into film-making with her directorial debut ‘A Meeting of Cultures’. Protima says ‘I believe art brings meaningful purpose to life and creates positive thinking, which helps people achieve in every field. Through Abundant Art, we aim to instil artistic passion and creative skills into our communities, especially the younger generation, and aid their creative development into the artists of tomorrow. Combined with our aspiration of preserving artistic heritage we strive to motivate and inspire young people to be confident achievers personally and professionally leading them to appreciate the importance of art and their cultural heritage’.

Roger Kitchen (Editor/Oral History Trainer)

Roger Kitchen began recording people’s memories in 1974, using the collected reminiscences as the source for local books. He co-founded Living Archive Milton Keynes (www.livingarchive.org.uk) and was its General Manager from 1992 to 2002 and is currently its Chairman. Living Archive’s basic premise is that everybody has a story to tell. Such stories and other primary source materials have inspired multifarious high-quality artistic, creative, and educational activities including large-scale musical documentary plays, books, exhibitions, and websites.

He is an accredited Oral History Society trainer and has taught many tailored introductory courses, as well courses in recording video oral histories and digital sound editing.

Over the last few years, he has been producing video documentaries, as well as helping others do the same. He was Editor of Abundant Art’s 'A meeting of Cultures'.

Volunteer Writers:
Heard of a show that you’d like to go to? Or know that there is an exhibition opening coming up soon that you'd really want to attend? With Abundant Art's Volunteer Writing Programme, for student and graduate art-lovers alike, we can get you to visit the best of what London has to offer. Simply join our team by applying via admin@abundantart.net and telling us what you love about the arts. Our volunteering programme will give you the chance to enhance your review writing skills and gain publicity for your pieces via our website and social media. This is a great opportunity for people who want to build their portfolio as a journalist or within the sector of the arts. What are you waiting for? London’s shows and exhibitions can’t wait to welcome you in!

Meet our vibrant team of volunteer writers below!

Julia Nelson (Marketing and Operations Executive)

Julia Nelson was the Marketing and Operations Executive at Abundant Art and currently reviews arts events. Jules is a creative and innovative content, PR, and digital marketing professional with experience in online content creation, public relations, and digital marketing. She has a degree in Sociology from Goldsmiths College, University of London and is a postgraduate in Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism from the University of Arts London. She has proven success creating and accelerating brand growth and developing businesses in creative industries. She has managed creative industries correspondence for the government Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and has contributed arts and lifestyle content in the Saturday and Sunday Express magazines, The Ecologist, ONIN London, and Ethics Girls. Jules is passionate about creativity and the arts and is dedicated to making meaningful changes to the creative and cultural community in the UK.

Lian Lackhope

Lian is a MA Global Media and Communications student at SOAS and a volunteer writer for Abundant Art. Lian has written for a number of different publications, mostly about music, culture and film and she is enthusiastic about expressing her passion for creating art and media. Growing up in London, she has been constantly inspired by the bustling city. Shs began writing for publications in her early teenage years, starting out writing about music as well as short poems,

Studying Politics and Media at UEA for her undergraduate degree, she learnt the importance of how these disciplines are interlinked, how they impact and affect each other in ways that greatly affect society. Ultimately, this degree has enabled her to become a more insightful writer.

Ridha Sheikh

Ridha is a volunteer writer for Abundant Art. She recently graduated with a BA in History and Politics from Queen Mary - University of London. Growing up in and around London, Ridha has always been intrigued by London’s brilliantly diverse art scene.

Studying History and Politics, Ridha has learnt how art and culture plays a vital role in society. Appreciating its beauty and importance, she is keen to experience and contribute to the art scene to her fullest. As a passionate writer who is eager to develop her skills, Ridha is determined to immerse herself in the wonderful world of art.

Amy Melling

Amy is a Curator and Creative Producer whose practice is centred around socially-engaged arts projects. Her current research is focused on curatorial methods for exhibiting artworks outside of the gallery as a means of resisting the commerciality of the art world and instead, meaningfully engaging with communities. In particular, she is interested in the connection between art and nature and the powerful effects on well-being they both have. Previously she has worked with British Art Show 8, NHS England and Folkestone Triennial. Most recently, she co-curated Abundant Art's exhibition 'Together' - the culmination of an important project in collaboration with Westminster Kingsway College exploring young people's perspectives on current socio-political issues.

Amy is a Curator and Creative Producer whose practice is centred around community-led arts projects. Her current research is focused on curatorial methods for exhibiting artworks outside. Amy has a keen interest in the arts and recently completed an MA in Curating and Collections at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL.

Mia Goodman

Mia is currently finishing up her Art Direction degree at the University of the Arts London. Coming from an Italian-American background and living in both countries allowed her to explore her interests in traveling, cooking and the arts. Her passion for sustainability has led her to explore the intersectionality between the environment and creative industries.

Her current project is an artisanal dairy-free cheese and biodynamic wine pairing platform called Legless. Legless concentrates on educating the consumer on the environment and where our food comes from. Mia is passionate about low intervention agriculture and how our food choices impact nature. Living in East London she's excited to experience the local food, art and music scene.

Cian Kinsella

Cian Kinsella is a Classics teacher and part-time pub quizmaster living in London who is primarily interested in music but is also interested in theatre, literature, and visual arts.

He is particularly intrigued by the relationship between art, criticism, and the capital forces always at play. Who decides what we like? How do they construct widely held beliefs about what is good? These are two of the questions Cian looks to address.

Lucy Evans

Lucy’s passion for the arts began with drawing and painting at a young age, and developed later on into a love of landscape painting and a degree in Art History, with a focus on Modernism and gender. Lucy has grown to love literature and acting in particular, and her experiences acting at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival have been very formative, convincing her that performance can be an essential tool for communication and connection, as well as of course being a valuable source of entertainment.

Devika Pararasasinghe

Devika is currently living and working in London, by profession, and trades as an artist and snake oil salesperson. Devika graduated in September 2022 with a research MFA at Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford.

Devika’s research-based practice attempts to deal with[in] the working-class [invisible]-labour ecosystem[s] and [invisible]-reproductive labours, giving into the visuals between low-fi and high-art aesthetic scenarios. She is interested in a counter to the instructional bias of how we handle to play in the trades of the classed colloquial, in the cont[r]acts of labour, waged/unwaged, acknowledged/disavowed, and where it fits in the cycles of consumption, exploitation and [re]production.

Collaborations & Internship Placements

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance invited Abundant Art in 2018 and 2022 to take collaborate in their BA2 Historical Project-Dance Legends programme, Protima Chatterjee, along with Tanusree Shankar delivered an intensive programme on Uday Shankar, where the students learned the Shankar Technique and the repertories ‘Sacred Myths’ 2018 and "Unfettered Mind’-2022 that were staged at the end of the course at the Laban Theatre.

In the Dance Legends project, Year 2 students on the BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance programme are immersed in an intensive period of dance training and study which focuses on work created by a choreographer who has made an important contribution to the development of dance in the 20th and 21st centuries. As well as being involved in the restaging of the choreography, students learn about the historical, social, artistic and cultural contexts in which the work was originally created. In addition, students participate in technique classes and theory classes which are designed to equip them with the technical skills and artistic understanding necessary to meet the demands of the piece. The result is a learning experience which integrates theory and practice, and which exposes students both physically and intellectually to dance works of historical and cultural significance.

Westminster Kingsway College Internship Placement Programme:
Westminster Kingsway College partnered with Abundant Art in September 2020. The partnership was formed to allow students from Westminster Kingsway College (WKC) to gain invaluable employability skills and prepare them for the world of work through two-week placements. The partnership formed during the height of a pandemic, adding extra hallenges as all placements had to be adapted to take place in a virtual setting, which was a new way of working for both Abundant Art and the college. In this programme, Abundant Art has hosted 80+ young people from WKC and have played a fundamental part in preparing students for their futures. The students are across different curriculum areas including, Art and Design, Business and Creative Media.

The works created until March 2022 as part of this programme have been exhibited at a physical exhibition hosted and curated by Abundant Art at the October Gallery on 17 & 18 March 2022. It also displayed merchandise with design prototypes created by the students – this event has reflected how the partnership between Abundant Art and Westminster Kingsway College has evolved and has been an amazing opportunity to promote the Creative Industry and bridge the gap between art and enterprise, while recognising the hard work and dedication from the students. The partnership between Westminster Kingsway College and Abundant Art continues to flourish as we
plan for the new academic year. In the year 2022/ 2023 we will carry on supporting young people while opening doors for many students and young adults in the further education sector.

Goldsmiths University Internship Placement Programme
As one of Goldsmiths University’s official partners, Abundant Art has been awarded with the Santander Universities’ Scholarship which enables the organisation to offer a paid internship to one student or graduate over the duration of one month. The main responsibilities of the Marketing and Publicity Internship include reviewing arts events, planning and preparing marketing campaigns and successfully identifying and pushing the company’s goals. With a range of different tasks, the intern supports Abundant Art with a total of 91 hours a month and represents the organisation at various shows and arts events across the UK. This helps both the intern and Abundant Art with the acquisition of new ideas and skills. Further, it gives companies like ours a platform to promote the work we love. A big thanks to our collaboration partners, Goldsmiths University and Santander Scholarships, who made this possible.

Queen Mary University of London - Internship Marketing and PR Internship:
We enrolled a second year Queen Mary’s student to do a Marketing and PR internship with us in April 2022. The intern worked closely with our team to execute publicity and marketing campaigns for two key events in May: a film screening and Q&A followed by a short performance on 1 st May, and a workshop-based performance with BA Honours students of Trinity Laban on 14th May - 2nd July. This was a great opportunity for the intern to gain experience in arts marketing and management, such as preparing marketing campaign material and publicising our events.

City University of London Micro-Placements Programme:
We are pleased to collaborate with City, University of London to collaborate on their exciting Micro-Placements Programme which provides us with the opportunity to engage with their talented and pro-active students.
The Micro-Placements Programme is a curriculum-based, social-mobility initiative from City, University of London that aims to provide students, most of whom are from underrepresented backgrounds, an opportunity to gain professional experience through short-term summer career- exploration internships/placements.
We are pleased to be on board to support students into developing their employability skills as well as provide us a tangible project or deliverable of value to our organisation. 
We feel privileged  by giving students from an under-representative background an opportunity at the early stages of their career through this programme and establishing long-lasting links for future

Our Collaborators

Piali Ray OBE (Mentor-Uday Shankar and Anna Pavlova Heritage Project 2018-2020)

Piali Ray is Director of 'SAMPAD', a leading national agency for the development of South Asian arts, based in Birmingham. Originating from Bengal, India she has been a performer, teacher, and choreographer in the UK since 1982, excelling in these fields and touring extensively in India, the UK, and internationally.

Piali has had many notable achievements. She was awarded an OBE in 2002, an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Central England in 2006, Outstanding Business Person of the Year by Birmingham Chamber of Commerce in 2009.

In 2018 Piali became a part of Abundant Art’s Heritage Project on the dance partnership of Uday Shankar and Anna Pavlova as a mentor. She has played a key role through the delivery of the project over two years to its completion in the final product, the film ‘A Meeting of Cultures’. Piali brought in her valuable experience of working in the multicultural scene in the UK guiding the project through its various milestones and events.