Karen Gibson MBE, The Kingdom Choir: In The Round Festival – In Conversation

The Kingdom Choir performs on the sixth night of In The Round at the iconic Roundhouse tomorrow night. We caught up with Karen Gibson MBE  before they perform tomorrow night.

If you’re able to pick one, what would you say has been the biggest highlight of your career to date?

I think that the obvious answer would be the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Certainly in terms of profile and sheer numbers as well as the life-changing events that followed. After that day, things were never the same. It has been an incredible journey.

I think I would also have to mention our tour in the US. It was a wonderful opportunity to take gospel music to the land where gospel was born.

What was it like performing at the royal wedding in 2018?

It was magical performing at the royal wedding in 2018. It was almost surreal, in fact. I found myself mentally pinching myself throughout the day because I wanted to make sure I was really there and also because I didn’t want to forget the incredible experience – the atmosphere, the feeling, and every tiny happening.

How are you planning on celebrating your 25th year?

There were some amazing things that we had in the pipeline,  but we have had to put those things on hold for obvious reasons. I can’t say what they were but hopefully, we will be able to resume plans when we are in the clear, and things can move forward as they were before.

What can people look forward to from your performance at the In the Round festival?

We are very excited to be performing at one of the nation’s most iconic venues. We will be bringing a mix of some of our old favourites as well as some new music.

We are also very happy to be hosting the amazing Bianca-Rose as our support artist.

What does it feel like performing live again?

It is an absolute privilege to be able to do what we do in such a time as this. It’s fair to say that we have been chomping at the bit to get back to live performance! There is nothing like standing before people who have come especially to hear you sing. It is an honour and a joy. We absolutely love the connection of live music!



The Kingdom Choir headline In the Round festival at the Roundhouse Saturday 22nd Jan, last tickets are available here: https://www.roundhouse.org.uk/whats-on/2022/in-the-round-festival-2022/kingdom-choir/

Their new single ‘Together Again’ is out now.