Review Page | Abundant Art - Part 3


On May 30th, 2022

Food Forever: A Look Into the Future of Our Food – Kew Gardens Review

Food Forever is an expansive event featuring five installations, two shows in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art and film screenings and talks by food innovators, scientists and chefs....

On May 30th, 2022

Feminine power: the divine to the demonic – British Museum Review

The British Museum presents Feminine Power: the divine to the demonic, the first exhibition of its kind that takes a cross-cultural look at the profound influence of female spiritual beings on global...

On May 30th, 2022

Everyday – New Diorama Theatre Review

It is through this witty and cosy setting that the play 'Everyday' tackles the question of domestic abuse on deaf women and non-binary people....

On May 30th, 2022

‘Kabul Goes Pop’: A (Westernised) Glimpse into Life in Afghanistan

‘Kabul Goes Pop: Music Television Afghanistan’ is Waleed Akhtar’s debut play, currently being performed at the dapper Brixton House Theatre until 1st of June....

On May 27th, 2022

“Crown to Catwalk” – Fashion and Textile Museum Review

This season, they are offering us a historical outlook on the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) in their new exposition “150 years of the Royal School of Needlework: Crown to Catwalk”....

On May 26th, 2022

German Cornejo’s Wild Tango – Sadlers Wells Review

This May, the Peacock Theatre was taken over by German Cornejo’s Wild Tango in a show that overwhelmed the senses with Argentinian tradition...

On May 24th, 2022

144res: Nukuluk – Bermondsey Social Club Review

Even if you were so on the pulse with new music that you were dubbed the music scene’s Fitbit, you’d be forgiven for briefly daydreaming and wondering how on earth (or away from it) Nukuluk got to...

On May 24th, 2022

Out-Spoken: Southbank Centre – Review

Out-spoken returned back to the Southbank Centre last week, showcasing a range of talented poets and new musical artists....