• Feb 04,2022
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Bad Reputation – Riverside Studios Review

Riverside Studios collaborates with The Art Hound Gallery for the second time with this new provocative exhibition: Bad Reputation. It features an entirely new collection of artworks by some of the most exciting contemporary artists in the country. Inspired by the Rock and roll queen Joan Jett for the title, ‘Bad Reputation’ features badass female artists and celebrates awesome women who dare to kick back. It includes a variety of works such as a wonder woman poster of the graphic designer and Illustrator Barry D Bulsara, the new collection ‘Bad Girl’ from the father and son artist duo ‘Grow Up’,  displaying skateboarders on road signs. We also see custom hand-blown neons by superstar British artist Lauren Baker. The artwork that can be seen from outside the studio while walking towards the entrance, would intrigue you to walk in and watch the entire exhibition – they are provoking and asserts women’s power. Among many others, there is Naomi Wallens’ photograph ‘All The Girls In London’, captured on an impromptu photo shoot on a cold January morning at 4 am on the streets of Dalston. Her work challenges female conformity.

Naomi Wallens’ new ‘Good Girls’ collection created exclusively for this exhibition could be a new discovery for so many. Each of the artworks of her collection portrays a well-known pop star such as Miley Cirus, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, provokingly and daringly looking at the viewer. They are surrounded by slogans such as ‘break the rules’, ‘I want to celebrate the pieces of myself’. These representations highly contrast with the usual pictures of the pop-stars in their designer attires for the MET gala. In this new collection, Naomi Wallens explores the complexities of societal pressures of conformity and the profound impact this has on our ability to feel connected to our own selves.

A special mention goes to The Riverside Studio. As you walk in, you discover a warm and comfortable atmosphere where you can attend a variety of music gigs, cinema, theatres and exhibitions. This is a perfect spot to enjoy one of their events or to head into their cinema to watch a film. Ending it all with a walk on the river bank. The Riverside Studio is a meeting place in a loving neighbourhood where you will be able to discover new artists as well as enjoy the convivial atmosphere.

‘Bad Reputation’ is an art exhibition, inspired by badass female artists and celebrates women’s powerful behavior. It will run until April 18th 2022 at the Riverside Studio, London.

Learn more about this venue and get your tickets for their events at https://riversidestudios.co.uk/see-and-do/bad-reputation-14542/.

Reviewed by Alix Berthelot–Moritz- Alix is a volunteer writer for Abundant Art. Originally from Normandy, France, she follows her passion for journalism and art by studying at the European Political and Social Sciences of UCL, London. As an international student living in London, she is determined to fully experience and discover the entirety of the city’s vibrant arts scene and share the beauty of it through her writing



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