• Apr 01,2012
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  • By Abundant Art

Dance and fashion at the Ideal Home Show London.

The Ideal Home Show London 2012 which took place at Earls court, as we all know , is a great place for a family day out for many. I was invited this Saturday 31 March by a friend, as her little six year old daughter was performing with Honey’s Dance Academy. I did my own little research on their website before I went as I wanted to plan my visit so I could take in most of what was available.

I was advised by my friend that on the day when I reach, I should head to the Ideal Woman section of the show and get myself seated by the CATWALK.

I had already learnt from the website that Ideal Woman sponsored by TENA is the perfect place to take time out from a busy shopping schedule. Women can indulge and relax at the various beauty and cocktail bars, browse the latest products and pick up hints and tips on this season’s fashion trends. The stunning CATWALK is the place to watch daily fashion shows, take part in fantastic workshops and enjoy fabulous performances from a variety of acts. I was happy because this is the kind of place that any woman would love be in during a weekend. I had decided that I would have a great time and so I did.

The shows at the CATWALK were fantastic. The first act started at 11 am and was called Catwalk Trends to High Street Looks. The catwalk show introduced the trends of this season. From pretty pastels to Jungle Fever, there was a trend out there for everyone, whatever your style, size or shape the presentation showed you how to work it!

Then came the Frameous DC – Dance Performance. Choreographed by one of London’s leading choreographers Christina Andrea, Frameous DC have worked extensively in the corporate and commercial field and continue to make waves in the entertainment industry.They performed a parody on the ever increasing rise in reality TV stars and a trip into the flamboyant and fabulous world of Frameous DC.The moves were bold and the dancers were stunning.

The other notable performance, the main reason why I was there was the bollywood show By Honey’s dance academy. It was truly entertaining. The energy of the dancers and their vibrant movements to some of Bollywood’s popular hip shakers created an electrifying atmosphere. As the company says ‘Enjoy the 3 F’s – Fun, Fitness and Funky moves through Bollywood dance!‘, was the base of every number. The performance was followed by a brief workshop where the audience had the opportunity to transform themselves to bollywood stars in just a few minutes.

The other notable presentation was The Olympic Fashion. This being a year of sporting celebration, this high energy dance show which jumps straight out of the starting blocks into a fashion dance, got the audience worked up about new clothes – and not just good looking sports wear but swimwear for the beach and old-school nautical looks too.

I was very pleased at the end of the day with the choice of events by the organisers  and the ease of presentation by the performers. Apart from the wonderful shopping experience, I think everyone went home with a very colourful and joyous experience on the whole.

For over 103 years the Ideal Home Show has been bringing ideas and inspiration to generations of British home owners and with this year’s show it has marked another successful year of its existence!

                                                                                Protima Chatterjee

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