• Oct 13,2021
  • In Review
  • By Abundant Art

Eulogy | BFI London Film Festival 2021 Review

Darkfield’s new in-person show Eulogy, showing from the 6-17th October in an old shipping container next to the National Theatre on South Bank, is part of the Immersive Art and XR programme at BFI London Film Festival 2021.

The 30-minute-long audio play transports the audience into a labyrinthine hotel where each individual plays a different character and hence, listens to a slightly different story. Taken through rooms and corridors, into car parks, canteens, and swimming pools, the audience sits inside the completely dark container with their eyes closed and headphones on listening to the charming voices of the pre-recorded actors using binaural sound and speech recognition technology.

Eulogy is a dream-like imaginative experience that makes you feel excited and confused. It highlights the differences between an embodied human experience and the one that only exists in our imagination. For people with great ability to let go and imagine stories in their heads, this is an amazing experience. For ones like me who struggle to keep their mind focused, this is a good exercise to completely immerse yourself in a play.

Reviewed by Giulia Ciccolella – Giulia is interning with Abundant Art during the month of October and supports the organisation writing reviews and helping with marketing and PR. Giulia is German-Italian and graduated with a BA in Media & Communications with first-class honours from Goldsmiths, University of London. She has been living in the UK for over three years and is excited to explore London’s art scene further while learning more about the work of Abundant Art.


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