• Dec 15,2022
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  • By Abundant Art

Review: Broken Spectre-Mosse’s most ambitious exhibition about environmental crimes in the Brazilian Amazon is a brutal wake-up call

180 The Strand – Extended until 30 Dec


‘My film examines an intergenerational destruction; a legacy passed on from grandparents to grandchildren’ says Mosse. ‘We have one generation left to save the Amazon rainforest’.

Award-winning artist Richard Mosse’s major investigation ‘Broken Spectre’ has now been extended until the end of the year and we highly recommend going to see it. The highlight of the exhibition has to be Mosse’s large-scale immersive video installation that is presented in a pitch-black room on three huge screens to show the destruction and devastation of the Brazilian Amazon. Mosse and his team spent years documenting different forms of destruction, degradation and environmental crimes and the consequences captured in this 74-minute film are terrifying. The sound is presumably loud on purpose to deepen the impact of the harrowing, but crucial content. Illegal gold mining, logging and burning of forests and pristine surroundings to create cattle farms alongside indigenous communities fighting for survival isn’t easy viewing. The on-going damage inflicted on the Amazon forces us to address the negative outcomes of greed and proves how art can tackle important societal issues in need of urgent attention. A selection of Mosse’s true to life photographs from the project are displayed alongside the installation and many of them are very large with vivid colours and incredible detail.

Home to London’s creative industries, 180 the Strand’s industrial warehouse-style exhibition space is fitting for Mosse’s major ‘Broken Spectre’ exhibition.

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Written by Jules Nelson

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Broken Spectre is presented by 180 Studios and co-commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne NGV, VIA Art Fund, the Westridge Foundation and by the Serpentine Galleries. Additional support provided by Collection SVPL and Jack Shainman Gallery.

Broken Spectre is also exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, until 23 April 2023, and the Converge 45 Biennial, opening 24 August 2023 in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Broken Spectre was made in collaboration with cinematographer Trevor Tweeten and composer Ben Frost.

An artist’s book of Broken Spectre, published by Loose Joints in September 2022, will accompany the exhibition, with essays by Txai Suruí, Christian Viveros-Fauné, Gabriel Bogossian, and Jon Lee Anderson.

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