• Oct 17,2021
  • In Review
  • By Abundant Art

The Other Art Fair’s Private View

It’s art fair season again so we popped into the private view of the 50th edition of The Other Art Fair at the Truman Brewery in lively Shoreditch. Showcasing the best emerging and independent artist’s work handpicked by industry experts Saatchi Art, the art was eclectic and eye-catching.

As a person naturally drawn to words, Diego Art badass girls selection and Allan Watson’s artworks caught my eye and I enjoyed chatting to Kerwin Blackburn about his colourful and fun paintings. Art lovers and collectors crowded around the special Parkinson UK exhibition, which focused on brain sculptures, created by established artists Tracey Emin and Gavin Turk – I would have taken a closer look but it was too busy!

Another highlight was English actor, artist, comedian, musician, presenter and writer Noel Fielding’s paintings and despite not being there himself (sigh) his paintings did a great job at standing out. A man of many talents, he’s an inspiration. All the artists and exhibitors were really friendly and keen to engage and discuss their work, which made it a sociable evening. Meeting the artists in person as you browse is lovely.

As David Bowie once said ‘owning art is stable nourishment and can change the way you feel in the mornings’. He was so right. Fei Alexeli’s Cactus and Universe (see image above) amongst others spoke to me, which is exactly what art should do shouldn’t it? This one reminded me just how much sexual attraction is nature plus I love the powerful and provocative colours.

Written by Julia Nelson who does marketing and operations for Abundant Art.










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