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Traces by The 7 Fingers The Peacock Theatre 9 June-12 July 2015

The 7 fingers from Quebec is one of the world’s most inventive contemporary circus companies. After success with its previous show Sequence 8, the company returns to the Peacock Theatre with the critically acclaimed TRACES

Performances: Tue – Sat at 7.30pm, Sat Mat at 2.30pm, Sun at 2pm & 6pm

Tickets: £15 – £38, Under 16s half price

Ticket Office: 0844 412 4322 or www.sadlerswells.com

This is a show that certainly packs a punch. In the two hour show (including an interval) you will absolutely be taken on an intense adrenaline ride. It had the audience making audible gasps, and spontaneous applause erupted after almost every segment.

The talent on display alone was enough to win me over; these 7 performers are extraordinarily gifted. They made their acrobatic accomplishments look easy and effortless. There were so many moments of excellence, it is hard to pull out highlights, however, a tender dance duet performed by Anne- Marie and Harley took the idea of contact work to a whole new level. They had the focused dynamics, they told the story of their relationship through good choreographic decisions, however they also added ‘hand to hand’ technique, which was bolder and braver than any lift work I had seen before.

The end of the first act was another breathtaking section. This piece used Chinese poles and was accompanied by the beautiful soundtrack of Radiohead’s Talk Show Host. Words and even pictures can not accurately describe the gravity defying, courageous, yet beautiful imagery that was created on stage. I almost apologised to the person sat next to me as I sat with my jaw open (literally) and uncontrollable sounds escaped my mouth. Incredible.

It was not the actions alone that stood out and made an impression. The audience were allowed to get to know the performers on stage. They spoke, had names and shared personal stories with the audience. You felt that you knew them.

This genre of modern circus seems to be very current in the dance circuit.  Traces is an excellent example of how all these art forms can work in harmony together and enhance the other. I love the way Dance as an art form is constantly changing and evolving. If this signals the new chapter for the direction of dance, I am sold and for me, it is very welcome. Traces needs to be seen to be believed, and even during the interval I was contacting people to go and see it!

                                                                                                                  Reviewd by Sara Daniels

                                                   (Sara is a freelance dance teacher and lecturer in dance education)

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